Wednesday, September 5, 2007

GIS111, August31, 2007

Today we done a review of Chapter 2. The subject matter included Raster and Vector models. The models we will be working with most in class will be Vector. A Vector data model uses a single coordinate pair to represent the location of an entity that is considered to have no dimension, pg. 33 GIS Fundimentals, paragraph 2; Vector Data Models. A Raster Data model define the world as a regular set of cells in a grid pattern. pg. 40 GIS Fundimentals, paragraph 1; models and cells.
We also learned about exporting jpg images and uploading them to our blog. Also, we worked on Chapter 4 and 14 and finished any remaining work at home.
Homework also included Reading Chapter3 and we will work on Chapter 13 inclass.

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